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Shop Local Raleigh Go Show Some Local Foodie Love with these new members!

Any food truck lovers out there? Well here is the list of food trucks that have joined Shop Local Raleigh in an effort to promote the buy local, shop local eat local, you get the idea… local movement!

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The Sir Walter Daily

Raleigh A New Definition of Neighborhood in Glenwood South

t occurred to me last Thursday as the crowd gathered on Tucker Street to see the Gravy Boys at Shop Local Raleigh’s Glenwood Live concert series, that I was looking at a new concept of neighborhood. Here young families picnicked on blankets spread across the grass, while 20 somethings sat on the curbs with dogs at their feet, and elderly people – some in wheel chairs – ventured out into the street from Glenwood Towers (public housing for seniors). There was craft beer, synchronized head bobbing and a diverse community joined by the shared enjoyment of answering the call of rhythms softly knocking at their apartment and condo windows.

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Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week: August 18-24

Indulge your palate during the Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week—a weeklong dining extravaganza showcasing the culinary talent in the heart of the capital city!

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Linkedin-LIVE-Users-Conference-Banner-P3-PNG1 LinkedIn LIVE: Member’s Conference

LinkedIn Raleigh presents a business conference with a keynote speaker directly from LinkedIn headquarters as well as speeches by local power users.

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Local Online Marketing

department of marketing, raleigh Get Your Email Act Together

Customers are arguably the most integral part of any business, because they are the ultimate metric of success. So how do you gain more clients? One answer: email marketing.

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